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Cryptocurrency NEO-review and analysis of prospects

Cryptocurrency NEO-review and analysis of prospects
The NEO digital asset platform was previously called Antshares. But in recent times, a complete rebranding has been made. In addition to the name change, the startup updated blockchain nodes and technical documentation, as well as the stock Ticker. In addition, the official website and social media were redesigned. The transition to a new version of the smart contract system, called NEO-2.0, was carried out.
The NEO cryptocurrency has been showing stable and non-stopping growth for a long time. Very quickly, the Chinese creation took seventh place in the top of Coinmarketcap. This, without a doubt, is a serious bid for prospects, given the high competition in the cryptocurrency market. And Ether confidently holds the second line after the famous Bitcoin. So the crypto currency NEO clearly has all the chances to rise much higher than the seventh line.
At the moment, the price fluctuates around $45. The cost for three months has increased 20 times.
The volumes of neo cryptocurrency reserves are clearly defined and limited to 100 million tokens. So far, only half of the available potential — 50 million tokens-is available on the market. So the crypto currency NEO clearly has all the chances to rise much higher than the seventh line.
The project is actively developing. OnChain cooperates with other players in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. At the moment, there are connections with blockchain startups Coindash, Bancor, Agrello and others. The Chinese project Red Pulse has announced the creation of a financial research platform based on the NEO-2.0 smart contract system. Also, in cooperation with NEO, there is an intensive development of The Elastos operating system based on blockchain technologies.

THE history of the emergence and development of neo cryptocurrency
The date of origin of the project can be considered 2014. NEO Creator Da Hongfei is a Director of Shanghai-based OnChain. In 2014, onchain, according to Da Hongfei's idea, launches the AntShares blockchain project. On the basis of this platform, a cryptocurrency of the same name was also created.
Yes Junpei put to the company is simple, but a global problem. His goal was to build a fundamentally new system of financial interaction. This system should unite the sectors of the real and virtual economy into a single whole with the help of high-tech contracts. And cryptocurrency from OnChain should become a unit of payment for these contracts.
Soon OnChain enters into a contract for cooperation with the Wings blockchain project, as well as contracts with economic giants Microsoft and Alibaba.
In August 2017 begins the story of NEO already in its current form with the current name. Da Hongfei carried out a complete rebranding and technical modernization of the project. The rebranding was a huge success, and the price of cryptocurrency from OnChain soared 40 times.
But not without problems. On the fourth of September, the Chinese authorities adopt a package of sanctions laws against cryptocurrencies and ICO. It was a heavy blow, which at the time almost 2 times brought down the course of the brainchild of Hongfei. However, soon the NEO cryptocurrency moved away from the blow and began to confidently win back the lost positions. At the moment, OnChain is actively upgrading the product and simultaneously trying to find a compromise with the Chinese authorities for the legalization and quiet operation of its offspring.

Features and principle of operation NEO
From a technical point of view, the Chinese cryptocurrency is very similar to Ethereum. The basis of the platform is the construction of smart contracts and their subsequent payment with tokens. Also an important part of the project is the ability to create new technologies based on the platform, as well as easy integration with other services.
Despite the fact that NEO is often called "Chinese Ether" and the fact that the Ether still occupies a higher position in the ratings, the product from OnChain has advantages that the Ether lacks. NEO is much more practical and functional. This, no doubt, opens up the potential to move the Airwaves in the ratings in the near future.
Let's see in detail how everything works. Transactions within the system are possible when paying a Commission. The Commission is paid in-system currency. That is, for the transaction you have to throw in the system additional "fuel". The developers of OnChain decided to create an additional in-system currency, called GAS, as a fuel (a means of paying commissions).
NEO mining is impossible. There is a final coin value of 100 million. 50 million thrown on the market during the ICO. The second half of the developers keep at home. However, GAS mining is possible. However, it occurs when holding coins in a purse. That is, the more tokens you have, the more GAS coins you can get to pay commissions. Today, 2000 coins in the wallet accumulate 1 coin GAS every twenty-four hours. Such mining is associated with the work of the network on the Proof-Of-Stake algorithm. Coins generate themselves. Without the use of farms of video cards and megawatts of electricity.

Like any cryptocurrency, NEO has advantages and disadvantages.
The benefits of NEO:
  • the publicity of the company and experienced team;
  • contracts and cooperation with corporate giants;
  • a wide functionality, much superior to the functionality of Ether (it is difficult for a simple person to understand what the salt is, but for a specialist NEO opens the widest horizons for development and operations);
  • activity in meetings and seminars;
  • active struggle of OnChain for legalization (although there are some problems with this now in China, however, there is a high probability that soon all issues with the government will be settled, which will attract large investors and significantly increase the already considerable capitalization of NEO).
The shortcomings of NEO:
  • all gas storage nodes belong to OnChain, that is, NEO is a centralized structure, although it is served as decentralized, this means that blockchains are in the hands of a narrow circle;
  • OnChain has the technical ability to monitor the transactions of coin owners, transmit information to the authorities, as well as personally block funds in users ' accounts and regulate the rate.
However, there are great economic and technical prospects for the development and increase in the price of the coin.

Difference between NEO and Bitcoin
The main points that distinguish NEO from Bitcoin:

  • Direct mining of NEO is not feasible, you can only mine GAS to pay commissions.
  • Bitcoin mining depends on the power of the technical base of the miner. The larger the pool of farms from video cards, the more active is the production. In the NEO system, gas mining occurs exclusively due to the presence of coins in the wallet.
  • To organize a large Bitcoin mining requires large purchases of iron and organization of production (supply of high-power power supply line, cooling system, etc.). A direct injection of investment is sufficient for the development of GAS. Each purchased 2000 coins of "Chinese ether" will steadily accumulate exactly 1 coin of GAS per day.
  • Bitcoin has the most decentralized system of blockchains, as opposed to pseudo-centralization of NEO.
  • The processing speed of one NEO block is only 15 seconds. For bitcoin-as much as ten minutes. In the future, it is predicted to accelerate the processing of blocks for NEO to 1 second.
Despite the risks associated with the organization of blockchains, NEO remains a very promising platform in the cryptocurrency market.

NEO storage wallets

On the official NEO website you can find links to the following wallets.
  1. Wallet NEON-Wallet from the group of independent developers City of Zion. Quite good, but the factor of third-party development and the presence of bugs impose their risks.
  2. NEO-CLI. This wallet is recommended only for programmers and people who are good at command line.
  3. NEO-GUI. The best option for the average user. To use it, you need to download the application, synchronize the blockchains and make a backup of the wallet. All. Now you can safely carry out financial transactions using Chinese kryptonite.
There is also the option of storing directly on the exchanges, however it is risky. Also, holding coins on an exchange rather than in a personal NEO wallet will not generate GAS.

NEO: buying and sharing
NEO can be bought and sold on exchanges or exchanged in multi-currency wallets. The most famous exchanges:

  • Bittrex;
  • Binance;
  • CoinSpot;
  • YONBI;
  • JUBI;
  • Yuanbao;
  • 51szzc;
  • Yobtc.
As the value and popularity of NEO increases, a massive increase in trading platforms where you can buy or sell "Chinese Ether" is predicted.

Ways to get NEO

Unfortunately, at the moment there is no way FOR direct NEO mining in the manner of Bitcoins and Ether.
However, there is a way out. NEO cranes can be used. Cranes are resources where the user receives a cryptocurrency reward for performing certain tasks or participating in lotteries.
There is a high probability that if successful in the legalization negotiations, OneChain will provide additional ways to get their tokens.
As you can see, NEO is a very promising and rapidly developing cryptocurrency. And although the Chinese government has created some difficulties, on the example of Bitcoin, we see how high the rate of the crypto currency can rise if the factors interfering with the development disappear. So, the prospects of NEO are optimistic and you can risk investing in them.
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So you made yourself a little bit of money, huh? How nice.

So you made yourself a little bit of money, huh? How nice.

All your life, all you've ever wanted, is a little bit of money. And congratulations, now you have it. Does it feel nice? Does it feel like a dream come true? Of course it doesn't. It's all just numbers on a screen, staring at you like a pathetic joke. But thanks to your thankless job, you made yourself a little bit of money. How nice.
And now, you, in all your half-decayed intelligence, have decided that you want to invest the little bit of money that you've made? Well, step right up to the raging wildfire that is the field of investing. We've got a shit-show full of stocks, mutual funds, bonds, real estate, gold and other commodities, all clamouring for your attention, and even more for your money. Done properly, you can retire into an ungodly amount of wealth. And done poorly, you can join the majority of investors setting their cash on fire, day in and day out.
But don't feel daunted or scared. You're on the right path, and that's probably the only time you're going to hear those words in your life. Just the fact that you're thinking about investing your money puts you at a major advantage, just the fact that you've even made a little bit money is extremely rare. Look around you, what do you see? People that are so poor that they're crawling out of their tents on the roadside, people that are such douchebags that they're buying worthless bling like fur sweaters and gold chains, people that are so childish that they absolutely have to buy the latest iPhone with their credit cards, and people that are so dumb that they just can't be bothered to learn about investing. Just the fact that you're here now, thinking about investing, makes you part of an exclusive club.
Before you get ahead of yourself and feel one cent of happiness for being better off than most, let me tell you something - there's an army of twats waiting to screw you out of the little bit of money that you've made, an army of twats who wants to take away the only thing that matters to your miserable existence anymore. These are crooked relationship managers who'll sell you anything to get commissions. These are unsuspecting relatives who'll recommend terrible investments just because they don't know any better. These are seedy stock brokers who'll push schemes offering incredibly high returns that are too good to be true. These are corrupt financial advisors who'll destroy your returns, either because they're incompetent or unscrupulous, or both. You've got an entire armada of twats just waiting to snatch the money right out of your wallet. What're you going to do about that? Are you going to put your head down and hand over the cash? Are you going to run to your mommy like the little bitch that you are? No, you're going to pull out a knife and stab that little twat right in the heart. And here's how to do that, beginning with a set of basic guidelines.
Savings are sexy
Let's be honest, you were never made of the stuff that gave wet dreams to women. Well, here's your chance. You know what all the girls like these days? It's not that ripped chest, or that sleak jawline. It's a man who saves. Step aside AXE body spray, there's a new sheriff in town. If you're spending more than you're earning, you've got bigger problems to worry. Before anything else, you need to make sure that you're bringing in more money than you're spending. So reign in your spending, delay gratification. That burger is going to taste pretty much the same without the overpriced slice of cheese. And the movie will probably be on Netflix in a few months.
Debt is your kryptonite
So you borrowed a little bit of money and are now stuck with the interest payments. That's okay, who hasn't done dumb stuff when they were young and full of hormones. I know I have. This one time I cleaned up an entire jar of mayonnaise thinking it was yogurt. Set some money aside every month, not just to pay the monthly minimum on your loans, but a little more so you can pre-pay all your debts. Some loans take priority over others: pay off your credit cards, personal loans and similar high-interest debt first. Keep in mind that not all loans are straight poison: those that help you develop assets like a home loan or increase future income like an education loan or business loan are alright. However, investing while carrying a high amount of debt is like playing football with one leg tied behind your back. Not exactly ideal.
Read like your life depends on it
Stop reading WhatsApp forwards, pick up a book, and then pick another one. If you don't develop a habit of reading properly, you're going to get a lot of poop flinged at you in this business. But if you can make it through a book every once in a while, get read to fling some poop on the n00bs. You don't have to go straight for the finance section. Begin with any book that sounds interesting to you, and work your way up. Reading not only helps you understand the world around you, but also develops a better personality and temperament within you. Most of you have the patience and memory of a goldfish, and generally speaking, goldfishes are not good investors.
Gold is old
Gold was what housewives in the 70s stockpiled in their cupboard because they had no other option. But you, you are the child of the 20th century. You actually know how to turn on the wi-fi. You have better options, like mutual funds. No matter what your uncle from the third cousin over says, investing in gold is setting your cash on fire. All it will do is make you feel good from the inside, while the eternal fireplace fuelled by your cash keeps burning in the background. Gold and silver are metals that we dig out of the ground. As an investment, they just sit there and stare at you. Just because they shine doesn't mean they're good investments. However, not everyone is convinced of this basic guideline. So if you're hell bent on investing in gold, I recommend going into the mountains and throwing yourself off a tall cliff. A medium-sized one works too.
Insurance =/= Investing
While housewives in the 70s had gold, housewives in the 80s had LIC*. Getting life insurance is critical if you have family that depends on your income, but insurance and investing, like pizza and pineapple, never mix well. Have you ever wondered what the insurance company does after collecting your premium money? Well, the company invests your premium money in stocks and bonds, which is also what mutual funds do. So let the insurance people insure, and let the investing people invest. Separation of labour was something that the caveman figured out in 2nd century. It's time you evolved from being a caveman.
Real estate is not real investing
The only reason for you to buy property is if you're going to be living in it. Buying real estate purely as an investment is one of the worst decisions you could ever make. Real estate: is an illiquid market (need to wait to find a buyer or seller), has high transaction costs (stamp duty and other bullshit charges), has a lot of red tape (needs several government approvals) and faces high maintenance costs (occasional cost of paint and plumbing here and there). However, every other Tom, Dick and Harry will tell you that real estate is a great investment. Why? Because real estate is how Indians signal wealth to others. It is how Indians demand respect from the chaar log committee. It's how we tell people that we've got a big dick, and we're not afraid to swing it around. You don't have a big dick. Tuck that little stinker back in your pants. You're just embarrassing yourself.
Pick your poison properly
Identifying the bad investments is a greater skill than identifying the good investments. Now that gold and real estate have been vilified as bad investments, let's turn to the places that actually deserve your money - mutual funds. For the uninitiated, which includes most of you idiots, a mutual fund collects your money and invests it in the stock market on your behalf. A diversified basket of stocks in good quality companies will outperform most other investments over any time period longer than 10 years. Mutual funds can give you this diversified basket of stocks. If you haven't been living under a rock for the past few years, you've probably see the advertising campaign - Mutual Funds Sahi Hai. And if you have been living under a rock, stay there. We're doing great without you.
Get yourself into a coma
The best investors, the ones who win the game in the long-term, always have patience. When you're investing in stocks or mutual funds, you need to have a minimum time horizon of more than 5 years. Any less than that, and out come the fireplaces that are fuelled by your cash. Mentally, you need to be in a place where the stock market might run off a cliff screaming into the wind tomorrow morning, and you'll still continue investing as per your plan because you're thinking about the long term. This ensures that your emotions, influenced by the ups and downs of the stock market, don't get in your own way. Ideally, you want to invest and immediately get yourself into a coma. Trust me, no one will notice that you're gone. You're one person in a world with seven billion people. You're really insignificant in the larger scheme of the Illuminati.
Don't watch CNBC
All your life, you've only made socially acceptable choices, because you crave validation from the people around you. To your repitillian brain, approval from strangers feels better than an orgasm. But when it comes to investing, never seek validation of your choices, especially not from the pundits on CNBC. Televised business news focuses on the shortest of short terms, while you need to keep your eye on the longest of long terms. Yes, it is important to keep tabs on current events, but there are far better sources of information than the nightly news. I recommend reading Livemint and Reuters for news. Those two outfits did not pay me to endorse them, but if the PR people over there are reading this, give me a call. I accept cash, cheques and PayTM. Fuck it, I'll even take bitcoin.
Keep It Simple, Shithead
Here is a basic plan on how to use your money when you get paid every month. First off, take care of any loans by paying off the hungry bankers who will come demanding their pound of flesh. Pay off all credit cards, in full and on time. Now, estimate how much you're going need for your monthly bills - this includes everything from your electric bill to your tab at the local bar. Deduct that amount and invest the rest of your money. When it comes to investing, begin by putting in three months of your monthly expenses in a liquid mutual fund. This is your emergency cash stash. Next up, depending on your time horizon and risk appetite, select a combination of ~3-8 mutual funds. There are a few different types of mutual funds, here's a handy rule of thumb to navigate them:
High time horizon Low time horizon
Low risk appetite Large-cap equity funds Debt mutual funds
High risk appetite Mid/small/multi-cap equity funds Debt mutual funds
When you're done, set up SIPs so that you don't have to do the transfers manually each month. Every year, take some time off to review this process.
This basic plan will require tweaking, depending on the context of your life. But having that plan is very important, not just for your financial life but also for the rest of your life. In the back of your mind, you've always known that. But you never followed through on making a plan, and now your life is just a series of mistakes and regrets. Is that why you drink so much?
The lords of literature require that I write a conclusion to this piece. But this is not the end. This is the beginning of your investing journey. The basic guidelines mentioned here are intended to serve as the starting point for your own research. These guidelines are not rocket science, they are not supposed to be complicated. A person of average intelligence and awareness can reasonably expect to understand and follow them. The question is: are you a person of average intelligence and awareness? Assuming that enough of you read this, statistics require half of you to admit that you're dumb as a rock.
Always keep an eye out for the armada of twats that will try to convince you that investing is rocket science, simply so they can charge you high fees or lure you into unprofitable investments. Done poorly, you can expect a mid-life crisis magnified by a bonfire of your cash. Done properly, you can create the kind of wealth that can benefit you as well as your future generations. You've already disappointed your parents. Don't disappoint your children now.
Side note: If you're a housewife from the 70s or 80s who objects to your characterization in this article, please write a formal letter of complaint and shove it up your butt.
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uh oh! The Time has come... AGAIN! Backpage has just lost their Visa account and the newbies are flooding in. Let's make history!

Whoever is ready to help bitcoin please join us and help sell small amounts please get in touch. [email protected] EXPERIENCED traders please! ONLINE payment methods only please. We are global, not local.
We are, PAXFUL, a peer to peer marketplace ( listing service + btc escrow ) we do online orders only and are building a WHITE hat marketplace for to take bitcoin mainstream. First timer buyers want bitcoin FAST and buying direct from other people is their only real option. Paxful adds a people powered network to the bitcoin world, further extending it's reach to where centralized corporations cannot go.
We're trying the best we can to bring raw beginners into bitcoin and show them how awesome it is. This is an ongoing story.
We need sellers all over the USA and Canada, Australia and the world who can help newbies get their first bitcoins. We are getting the calls now and walking them through. We went thru this 2 days ago and barely made it but we are much better prepared now.
Time to shine folks, as a community!
SOS Most needed payment methods
Please get in touch ASAP!
p.s. paxful means. Peaceful pax=peace in latin. We think bitcoin can make the world a little more peaceful. crazy huh?
EDIT: for those asking if we are legit....
We've been building, writing and filming for over a year and a half. We believe in bitcoin and everything we do is to make our collective vision of a better world a reality. We've put out an open source bitcoin server , one which we use. We've made several videos promoting bitcoin here in NYC. We also keep a blog at and put some real research into our articles.
We take reddit pretty seriously. The reddit posse has proven to be perhaps the last best BS sniffing mechanism available on the internet today and the kryptonite, pardon the pun, of the crypto scam world. So I've taken some time off (15min) and scrapped up the below.
Here is a picture of support chat on a slow hour. 10 chats backlogged at least.
Not a picture from phone for received calls, but here are missed calls while took some breath today couple of times.
Also a honest feedback from seller on
Some love on twitter. just do a search for @paxful and check the mentions
Some traffic stats from our support chat -
The blockbuster video shall have to wait as there hasn't been much time for audio video sorry. We're working on videos to educate people on how to buy and spend bitcoin.
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BAT Community Weekly Update: 10/05/2018 to 10/11/2018 — AMA with Yan Zhu, Why GDPR is kryptonite to Google & Facebook, Brave & Brendan Eich mentioned by US Senate committee (video), BAT/Brave Team at ETH SF, Worldwide BAT Meetups next week

Welcome to this week's BAT Community Update! Big thanks to u/MurphD for his contributions!

BLOG: Why GDPR is Kryptonite to Google & Facebook on Anti-Trust
Brave’s submission to Margrethe Vestager, the EU Anti-Trust Chief, responding to her call for stakeholder input. Brave’s recent submission to the European Competition Directorate General for Competition describes how a core principle of the GDPR called “purpose limitation” can be used to prevent anti-competitive behavior by Google and Facebook.

VIDEO: Brave and Brendan Eich mentioned by US Senate committee

VIDEO: Brave & BAT at Founders Fund with Brendan Eich (CEO) — Detailed talk about BATBrave & BAT official meetup event graciously hosted at Founders Fund, featuring Brendan Eich. Brendan is the inventor of JavaScript, founder of Mozilla/Firefox and CEO of Brave.Brave is a new, privacy-first browser that blocks all third-party ads and trackers by default. Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a revolutionary digital advertising platform that rewards users in Ethereum-based BAT tokens for any ads they opt into seeing, and locally matches ads to user interests without any tracking or data collection required.

BAT Community presents its first worldwide meetup events: “24 HOURS OF BAT” (Oct. 16th)
The BAT was first integrated into Brave in October 2017. To celebrate reaching 1 year of BAT utility in Brave, we’ve asked all of our Regional Leaders and volunteers from around the world to host meetups in their country on October 16th, 2018 and create a full day of global BAT meetups!
If you are in the area where one of our meetups will be taking place, you are invited to join in! Meetups with event pages for each region are listed below. Keep an eye out over the coming weeks for more event pages for 24 Hours of BAT meetups in other countries!24 Hours of BAT meetup in Media, Pennsylvania:
24 Hours of BAT meetup in Jakarta, Indonesia:
24 Hours of BAT meetup in Vigo, Spain:
24 Hours of BAT meetup in Toronto, Canada:
24 Hours of BAT meetup in Bogotá, Colombia:
24 Hours of BAT meetup in Perth, Australia:
And be sure to check out these other upcoming BAT/Brave meetups!
BAT/Brave meetup in Medellín, Colombia on October 20th:
BAT/Brave meetup in Montreal, Canada on October 23rd:

BAT Community Merch Giveaway Winners!
The winners for our BAT Community Daily Merch Giveaways for this week are:
Click here to see pics of previous giveaway winners rocking their BAT/Brave merch!:
Be sure to tune in to our social media channels every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Friday to participate in our daily merch giveaways for your chance to win!

Client Updates:

Brave releases desktop client] version v0.25.2
Brave releases Beta client version 0.55.12

Brave Team Tweets:

More fiat to cryptocurrencies exchanges to come?
Ivan Buncic @ivanbuncic Replying to @BrendanEich @brave will it [Brave] supports something else than bitcoins for contributions?
BrendanEich @BrendanEich We switched from Bitcoin last year, to @attentiontoken. @UpholdInc is first partner enabling exchange to many fiats/cryptos in many regions. More to come. 3:01 PM - Oct 5, 2018

Almost 30,000 publishers/creators, and coming up on 5 million active users!
BrendanEich @BrendanEich Early October @Brave stats: 4.6M MAU 28.7K publishers/creators (23.1K verified) 1:52 PM - 5 Oct 2018
BAT Community @BAT_Community Official BAT/Brave event last night with a great presentation by @BrendanEich! Thanks to Founders Fund for providing the beautiful venue. ☁️✨🦁🚀$BAT #Brave #BeBrave @AttentionToken @brave11:45 AM - Oct 5, 2018

Check out Brendan’s post on Hacker News discussing sending crypto anonymously to favorite sites and creators:
BrendanEich @BrendanEich Oct 6, 2018 I just commented on "Brave – A private, secure and fast browser", HN post at …
BrendanEich @BrendanEich “In this sense, all browsers insert the vast majority of ads today.” 1:03 PM - Oct 6, 2018

Brave’s ad deals don’t come through exchanges.
BrendanEich @BrendanEich As noted elsewhere, we already do antifraud. I'll reply at length, but note our ad deals do not come through exchanges, they require integrity-checked Brave -- so there's no way that fork would get paid so easily. To cheat us, fraudster would have to fake users who run our code. 5:08 PM - Oct 6, 2018

Brave working on BAT for premium content… and don’t forget: Brave gives you token grants!
BrendanEich @BrendanEich Oct 7, 2018 Replying to @naval @sriramk Brave (see the Payments panel in settings/preferences) does let you take a token grant _gratis_ and pin percentages of your monthly budget to any site or YouTube or Twitch channel you want. Reddit & Twitter account support coming. As Brave Rewards, revamped & on mobile very soon.
BrendanEich @BrendanEich
We’re working with some of those sites + other publishers (e.g., Dow Jones Media Group) on “BAT for premium content” too. Everyone needs non-adtech revenue. From recent trips to NYC and Paris, it’s clear to me that publishers are waking up, like the Ents in Tolkien going to war. 10:23 AM - Oct 7, 2018

Brendan’s response to “Why not imitate a specific model (Patreon) that is working in the wild?”
Naval @naval Oct 7, 2018 Replying to @BrendanEich and 2 others
IMHO too oblique and roundabout. Why not imitate a specific model (Patreon) that is working in the wild? Pay USD to sponsor publishers. Publisher’s site unlocks specific content to paying subscribers. Of course this requires some module on the publisher’s side. cc @photomatt
BrendanEich @BrendanEich
If you want roundabout, try getting publishers & users at the same time, with a pitch that requires both at once. Metcalfe’s Law, Catch-22. So we start with users and now, nearing 5M MAU, we have over 23,000 creators on board. We do not centralize data or censor, unlike Patreon.
11:32 AM - Oct 7, 2018
BrendanEich @BrendanEich Last thing: most users do not want to pay, at least not at first. So we give token grants while building other models to pay the user to let paid tokens flow by default to their top or pinned sites. >430K user wallets from desktop only option, coming to mobile in several weeks.
9:15 PM - Oct 7, 2018

How is the adblock support on Brave? Sampson explains:
Kevin S. @ifandbut01 Oct 8, 2018 Replying to @Grummz @brave
How is the ad block support?
Sampson | [email protected]
@brave uses the same lists which power other popular ad-blockers. One exception is that we don't have a pay-to-play model (like others) which lets some advertisers through. We go a step further too, blocking cryptominers (first browser to do so?), auto-play media, and more.
10:44 AM - Oct 8, 2018

Too many browsers, Luke?
Luke Mulks @lukemulks You know you work for a browser, when you have 12 browsers installed on your machine, and at least 3 of them are from the same company. Lol. 4:57 PM - Oct 8, 2018

GDPR only helping big incumbents?
BrendanEich @BrendanEich It's a silly slogan that GDPR only helps big incumbents. … 2:03 PM - Oct 3, 2018

Has Brave always been based on Chromium? Sampson explains:
Sampson | @BraveSampson Brave has pretty much always been built on Chromium. The current released inherited the Chromium code by way of another project called Electron. We forked Electron to improve security, but this slowed us down. Brave Core is us moving closer to the root code-base, for many gains… 8:12 PM - Oct 8, 2018

Will advertisers on Brave would be required to purchase the $BAT token?
Mike Rogers @mikerogers121 Oct 9, 2018 Replying to @BrendanEich and 3 others Sorry Brendan, I made a mistake with the first Q. What I wanted to know is if advertisers on Brave would be required to purchase the $BAT token, via Uphold or other exchange, in order to pay for ads on the Brave platform?
BrendanEich @BrendanEich Yes, the token flows from advertisers to users and publishers. It is the unit of account for attention, sent p2p in as many cases as we can do w/ anonymity, held in user wallets over 30 days of anonymous analytics, settled either via Uphold or soon p2p to optional pub eth wallet.
9:23 PM - Oct 9, 2018

From Reddit: Can extensions spy on us? If it can, how do we prevent it after 1.0 release?
Great response from Chris here:

News You Should Know:

Facebook to release first-party cookie option for ads, pull web analytics from Safari
Facebook is the latest big digital ad seller to release a solution to address moves by browsers to kill third-party cookies. The company is releasing a new first-party cookie option for advertisers, publishers, and developers to measure and optimize Facebook ads and capture analytics data from browsers that block third-party cookies — namely Apple’s Safari and soon Mozilla’s Firefox.

The EU’s new privacy law is starting to bite Facebook
REGULATION helps incumbents, which have the resources to comply, but hurts newcomers. Or so argue critics of the European Commission’s new rules for the digital realm and of its privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). That may yet prove true, although the GDPR makes exceptions for smaller firms. But for now these new laws are making life harder for big technology firms. Facebook, in particular, is in the cross-hairs of European regulators as never before.

Exclusive: Audit cleared Google privacy practices despite security flaw
An independent auditing firm signed off on Google's privacy practices earlier this year after the internet giant had discovered a software bug that exposed private information on potentially hundreds of thousands of users.

Google shutting down Google+ after exposing data of up to 500,000 users
A vulnerability in the Google+ social network exposed the personal data of up to 500,000 people using the site between 2015 and March 2018, the search giant acknowledged Monday.

Roaring Fans:

Yagiz‏ @anonrig Today's the day I switch from Google Chrome to @brave 6:15 PM - 6 Oct 2018

Ö. Onur ERGINOGLU @OnurErginoglu Hey @BrendanEich and @brave team! thank you for saving my 60 minutes from being wasted! There is nothing precious than the time! 9:50 PM - Oct 7, 2018

Zach‏ @heyztb 31,000 ads blocked, just over 31 minutes of times saved @brave Funny how that works out. 3:37 PM - 8 Oct 2018

Tereza Iofciu‏ @terezaif Damn.. this is like in 5 mins after starting to use @brave creepy af #adsblocked #browsermagic #Brave 8h8 hours ago
Just a Random Person‏ @ShrekOverflow First day using @brave with moderate usage (mostly google sites). 20h20 hours ago

Christopher Scott‏ @chrisjscott I'm in love - @Brave browser for macOS + @DuckDuckGo search engine has become my new jam. #MyDataNotYours Oct 10

Kim Priestap‏ @kimpriestap Google is too big, too powerful. Divest from Google. Use @DuckDuckGo for search engine and @Brave for browser. I'm also switching over to @protonmail for email. … via @WSJ Oct 10

Barbora the explorer‏ @barbori_j Started using @brave today and couldn't be happier with it! Fast, smart, no ads, hallelu! Try it too #bravebrowser @AttentionToken #blockchain #innovation
Oct 10
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Garlictipsbot, deposits & the future

Hi All,
I've been less and less active here, on the Discord and on the internet in general these days. The garlictipsbot mostly runs itself except for the deposits code, which often needs manual interventions, kicking and sometimes restarting entirely. The deposits code was always terrible, taking advantage of something called 'accounts' in the core wallet which is a terrible implementation and should never have been in the crypoto-space at all, the BTC devs are getting rid of it soon. I should have used something else :(
I will start with the bad news, which I'm sure you've probably guessed by now.
Since it was coded on a Sunday afternoon it did the job for what it needed to do, unfortunately these days the bot doesn't get much use so I've been talking with Puffycheeses and Kryptonite about taking it over. Unfortunately they don't want to touch it either (due to the really bad deposits code...) and they will be making a new bot linked to Discord soon so people can tip on Reddit and Discord which will be cool in itself.
The good news for you guys is you get a kick-ass new bot, the garlictipsbot will continue serving requests for withdrawal and tipping other people for the next few months. The only thing that's going away right now is the ability to deposit. Within the next few months the tipping features will be turned off, and finally the bot server will be closed down with the remaining funds and balance sheets going to the Garlicoin Devs, there will be a final update when that day comes with how to claim your GRLC from the devs once the bot is down. In the meantime I believe SoDogeTip also supports GRLC now! It's been a fun ride, I will still be around to answer questions via PM and the bot is (and always has been) open source so if anyone wants to fork it go right ahead.
Warning: Do not send any money to any address you have received before, the bot will not credit it to your account. You will need to PM me so I can send you the GRLC back
submitted by latteisnotcoffee to garlicoin [link] [comments] Multi Coin Mining Pool now open!
We host new coin launches and your favorite coins too! No registration needed, and upon found block, payouts go directly to miners wallet! We keep no coins in the register Cool
Currently hosting:
Come chat in our IRC channel on freenode!
We plan on adding features to the site over the next few days, but we think you'll enjoy it...
Coin devs, drop us a line if you are looking for a pool to host your coin!
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Webinar Criptomonedas y Minería de BITCOIN Linda Coin - Verge (XVG) Kryptonite Crypto Currency Reporters - YouTube XRP- 3 Things To Think About!!!!! Dear White People 2

Kryptowährungen im Überblick. Alle wichtigen Daten und Kurse zu Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin und Co. Recommended resources: CoinMama (Buy BTC and ETH) and Ledger Nano S (Hardware wallet). PROJECT OVERVIEW. Cryptonite also known as XCN is a cryptocurrency that uses M7 POW algorithm to secure transactions and it has 1840000000 total coins that are not fully pre mined. Cryptonite is based on Bitcoin and overall it works very much like Bitcoin except that it uses a very different mechanism for ... Bitcoin Forum. Bitcoin is an open-source peer-to-peer digital currency project. P2P means that there is no central authority to issue new money or keep track of transactions. bitcoin; choose your wallet ... About Cryptonite. Cryptonite price today is $0.000131 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of not available. Cryptonite is up 0.24% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #2219, with a market cap of $92,540.07 USD. New wallet release, including all-new gui dark theme, windows improvements, build enhancements for newer libraries and distributions, detailed peers view, and more. Windows version: Built with Berkley DB 6.1. If you are still using the old 4.8 format, it will be upgraded to the new version and will be incompatible with the older wallets. Linux version: Compiled on Ubuntu LTS 16.04, should work ...

[index] [41899] [48611] [22197] [25295] [33885] [13291] [46639] [40822] [50467] [40174]

Webinar Criptomonedas y Minería de BITCOIN

First Dear White People Tyson F Bruno PO Box 33043 Red River PO Thunder Bay ON P7B 0B1 Patreon: Bitcoin Wallet: 12PWLFihRJgZN7kQNALP... Click on my link to make a secure Wallet with Low Fee's. They also provide a Debetcard which you can use every where on the world They also provide a Debetcard which you can use every where on the ... Are We Experiencing a Black Swan Event? - Robert Kiyosaki & Harry Dent [Rich Dad Show Radio] - Duration: 42:29. The Rich Dad Channel 419,457 views. New This is an overview of LINDA coin that will knock off Verge (XVG). The video will show you about it's working wallet that has stealth address and stakes and also masternode that makes transaction ... 👍👩‍🏫WEBINAR gratuitooo ONLINE 19 Enero 2018 junto con mi mentor Santi Liceras Calderon. ¡¡¡ Minería de BITCOIN y Criptomonedas!!! 😍Filosofía del cambio del s...