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Decided to see how the Alpaca Socks for Bitcoin company was doing. Last update was a year ago with over 60% of their products "Temporarily Out of Stock."

Decided to see how the Alpaca Socks for Bitcoin company was doing. Last update was a year ago with over 60% of their products submitted by ButtersBeButtin to Buttcoin [link] [comments]

Hey /r/btc, let's trade alpaca socks for Bitcoin Cash.

I got a little time to burn, and I just found out that sadly the legendary Green Hill Alpaca is no longer functional. For old time's sake, why don't we generate some, um, economic activity?
So here's the deal: I'm not going to give out Bitcoin Cash, nor am I going to give out alpaca socks for free. Instead, if you:
1) Live in the US, and 2) Are interested in paying Bitcoin Cash for socks,
post on this thread, the first to reach my inbox and deemed reasonably unlikely to be a bot/shill/extreme_newfag/blockstream_cultist from post history will be my trading partner. I'll reply publicly to the winner as quickly as I can.
Then, pick a pair of socks from Amazon (like so), make a public wishlist Purse-style, and PM me the wishlist link. I'll then PM you a BCH address along with how much BCH I think I should receive (there might be a discount). I'll pay for your wishlist when I see the incoming tx.
Extra credit if you post the socks when you receive them!
Also, please don't be upset if I ignore the second request onwards. I have no desire of becoming a professional sock-dealer, after all. =)
FAQ: 1) Are you FBI or IRS coming to confiscate muh coins? Or some coin-hoarding madman coming to murder me?
No, but I understand that Bitcoiners are extra paranoid about privacy, and that is okay. I just want to have some fun. Still, don't contact me if you're some major drug lord, ISIS agent or CP distributor, duh.
2) How can I trust that you'll indeed send those socks?
Well aside from some lengthy post history I can't assure you. But this is just for fun though, and sometimes some of us think the world's not actually full of bad people. =\
3) I want to spread alpaca love for the nostalgia too! Can I use this thread?
Sure! Just be nice.
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Hey /r/btc, let's trade alpaca socks for Bitcoin Cash. /r/btc

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List of largely unknown online merchants that accept Bitcoin. Alpaca socks, loose leaf tea, spy gear, and some of the stuff in between.

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Bitcoin art: an alpaca to the moon

Title:An alpaca to the moon Technique: acrylic on canvas Dimensions: 150 x 100 cm
(When you imagine bitcoin you just visualize an uppercase B with two lines going through it, but from an artistic and iconographic point of view there's much more that should be investigated! the philosophy, the anecdotes, the community behind bitcoin is what make this network so powerful. I am trying to describe it from an artistic point of view)
In 2011 a post on Slashdot described various goods and services could be purchased with bitcoins, among which Grass Hill Alpacas, that sold alpaca socks for bitcoin.
In march 2011 the most-widely known video that introduces bitcoin (What is Bitcoin? check it on youtube) uses an alpaca as a mascotte and described alpaca socks as one of the products bitcoin could buy.
"To the moon" is a sencence used by bitcoiners whenever the cryptocurrency is “going to the moon,” or set to raise in price dramatically.
In order to describe in an artistic way these concepts behind bitcoin, I made this painting.
Hope you like it!
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The Rise And Fall Of Bitcoin --- In 2009 an untraceable digital currency, Bitcoin, appeared on the web. In 2010 uptake accelerated. Suddenly products as diverse as alpaca socks, pizza, even a hitman, could be paid for with Bitcoins. Then the problems began

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Grass Hill Beef (same owner the alpaca sock maker Grass Hill Alpaca) will be selling Bitcoin for Beef

Grass Hill Beef (same owner the alpaca sock maker Grass Hill Alpaca) will be selling Bitcoin for Beef submitted by WoodeWind to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Alpaca Socks - one of the first products available for bitcoins - are still selling. (Not any news there, just nostalgia.)

Alpaca Socks - one of the first products available for bitcoins - are still selling. (Not any news there, just nostalgia.) submitted by karelb to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Default English word list

Alright so, I took the default database from there and with the help of html, I extracted the words to a list separated by commas. It's useful when you want to translate those words into your native language.
Word of advice, when using google translate, do not put all words at once there, it can rapidly worsen the translation.
(And there is a last thing. Their algorithm of picking only custom words is not working really good, at least for me. Meaning that I often get duplicates, despite having a list this big and without duplicates. I'm still trying to find some solution to this, so if somebody is experiencing this as well, share the knowledge please, I will do the same.)
SOLUTION: Thanks for the reply from PepegaWR who identified the cause. I also tested it and there seems to be a custom words limit of 5000 characters. The easiest way in my opinion is to shuffle the words before each session to minimize the impact. Also thanks to the flynger who had the same idea before me :)
Finally, here it is, enjoy the scribbling ^^ :

ABBA, AC/DC, Abraham Lincoln, Adidas, Africa, Aladdin, America, Amsterdam, Android, Angelina Jolie, Angry Birds, Antarctica, Anubis, Apple, Argentina, Asia, Asterix, Atlantis, Audi, Australia, BMW, BMX, Bambi, Band-Aid, Barack Obama, Bart Simpson, Batman, Beethoven, Bible, Big Ben, Bill Gates, Bitcoin, Black Friday, Bomberman, Brazil, Bruce Lee, Bugs Bunny, Canada, Capricorn, Captain America, Cat Woman, Cerberus, Charlie Chaplin, Chewbacca, China, Chinatown, Christmas, Chrome, Chuck Norris, Colosseum, Cookie Monster, Crash Bandicoot, Creeper, Croatia, Cuba, Cupid, DNA, Daffy Duck, Darwin, Darwin Watterson, Deadpool, Dexter, Discord, Donald Duck, Donald Trump, Dora, Doritos, Dracula, Dumbo, Earth, Easter, Easter Bunny, Egypt, Eiffel tower, Einstein, Elmo, Elon Musk, Elsa, Eminem, England, Europe, Excalibur, Facebook, Family Guy, Fanta, Ferrari, Finn, Finn and Jake, Flash, Florida, France, Frankenstein, Fred Flintstone, Gandalf, Gandhi, Garfield, Germany, God, Goofy, Google, Great Wall, Greece, Green Lantern, Grinch, Gru, Gumball, Happy Meal, Harry Potter, Hawaii, Hello Kitty, Hercules, Hollywood, Home Alone, Homer Simpson, Hula Hoop, Hulk, Ikea, India, Intel, Ireland, Iron Giant, Iron Man, Israel, Italy, Jack-o-lantern, Jackie Chan, James Bond, Japan, JayZ, Jenga, Jesus Christ, Jimmy Neutron, John Cena, Johnny Bravo, KFC, Katy Perry, Kermit, Kim Jong-un, King Kong, Kirby, Kung Fu, Lady Gaga, Las Vegas, Lasagna, Lego, Leonardo DiCaprio, Leonardo da Vinci, Lion King, London, London Eye, Luigi, MTV, Madagascar, Mario, Mark Zuckerberg, Mars, McDonalds, Medusa, Mercedes, Mercury, Mexico, Michael Jackson, Mickey Mouse, Microsoft, Milky Way, Minecraft, Miniclip, Minion, Minotaur, Mona Lisa, Monday, Monster, Mont Blanc, Morgan Freeman, Morse code, Morty, Mount Everest, Mount Rushmore, Mozart, Mr. Bean, Mr. Meeseeks, Mr Bean, Mr Meeseeks, Mummy, NASCAR, Nasa, Nemo, Neptune, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nike, Nintendo Switch, North Korea, Northern Lights, Norway, Notch, Nutella, Obelix, Olaf, Oreo, Pac-Man, Paris, Patrick, Paypal, Peppa Pig, Pepsi, Phineas and Ferb, Photoshop, Picasso, Pikachu, Pink Panther, Pinocchio, Playstation, Pluto, Pokemon, Popeye, Popsicle, Porky Pig, Portugal, Poseidon, Pringles, Pumba, Reddit, Rick, Robbie Rotten, Robin Hood, Romania, Rome, Russia, Samsung, Santa, Saturn, Scooby Doo, Scotland, Segway, Sherlock Holmes, Shrek, Singapore, Skittles, Skrillex, Skype, Slinky, Solar System, Sonic, Spain, Spartacus, Spiderman, SpongeBob, Squidward, Star Wars, Statue of Liberty, Steam, Stegosaurus, Steve Jobs, Stone Age, Sudoku, Suez Canal, Superman, Susan Wojcicki, Sydney Opera House, T-rex, Tails, Tarzan, Teletubby, Terminator, Tetris, The Beatles, Thor, Titanic, Tooth Fairy, Tower Bridge, Tower of Pisa, Tweety, Twitter, UFO, USB, Uranus, Usain Bolt, Vatican, Vault boy, Velociraptor, Venus, Vin Diesel, W-LAN, Wall-e, WhatsApp, William Shakespeare, William Wallace, Winnie the Pooh, Wolverine, Wonder Woman, Xbox, Xerox, Yin and Yang, Yoda, Yoshi, Youtube, Zelda, Zeus, Zorro, Zuma, abstract, abyss, accident, accordion, ace, acid, acne, acorn, action, actor, addiction, addition, adorable, adult, advertisement, afro, afterlife, air conditioner, airbag, aircraft, airplane, airport, alarm, albatross, alcohol, alien, allergy, alley, alligator, almond, alpaca, ambulance, anaconda, anchor, angel, anglerfish, angry, animation, anime, ant, anteater, antelope, antenna, anthill, antivirus, anvil, apartment, apocalypse, applause, apple, apple pie, apple seed, apricot, aquarium, arch, archaeologist, archer, architect, aristocrat, arm, armadillo, armor, armpit, arrow, ash, assassin, assault, asteroid, astronaut, asymmetry, athlete, atom, attic, audience, autograph, avocado, axe, baboon, baby, back pain, backbone, backflip, backpack, bacon, bad, badger, bag, bagel, bagpipes, baguette, bait, bakery, baklava, balance, balcony, bald, ball, ballerina, ballet, balloon, bamboo, banana, bandage, bandana, banjo, bank, banker, bar, barbarian, barbecue, barbed wire, barber, barcode, bark, barn, barrel, bartender, base, basement, basket, basketball, bat, bathroom, bathtub, battery, battle, battleship, bayonet, bazooka, beach, beak, bean, bean bag, beanie, beanstalk, bear, bear trap, beatbox, beaver, bed, bed bug, bed sheet, bedtime, bee, beef, beer, beet, beetle, bell, bell pepper, bellow, belly, belly button, below, belt, bench, betray, bicycle, bill, billiards, bingo, binoculars, biology, birch, bird, bird bath, birthday, biscuit, bite, black, black hole, blackberry, blacksmith, blanket, bleach, blender, blimp, blind, blindfold, blizzard, blood, blowfish, blue, blueberry, blush, boar, board, boat, bobsled, bodyguard, boil, bomb, booger, book, bookmark, bookshelf, boomerang, boots, border, bottle, bottle flip, bounce, bouncer, bow, bowl, bowling, box, boy, bracelet, braces, brain, brainwash, branch, brand, bread, breakfast, breath, brick, bricklayer, bride, bridge, broadcast, broccoli, broken heart, bronze, broom, broomstick, brownie, bruise, brunette, brush, bubble, bubble gum, bucket, building, bulge, bull, bulldozer, bullet, bumper, bungee jumping, bunk bed, bunny, burglar, burp, burrito, bus, bus driver, bus stop, butcher, butler, butt cheeks, butter, butterfly, button, cab driver, cabin, cabinet, cactus, cage, cake, calendar, camel, camera, campfire, camping, can, can opener, canary, candle, canister, cannon, canyon, cap, cape, cappuccino, captain, car wash, cardboard, carnival, carnivore, carpenter, carpet, carrot, cartoon, cash, casino, cast, cat, catalog, catapult, caterpillar, catfish, cathedral, cauldron, cauliflower, cave, caveman, caviar, ceiling, ceiling fan, celebrate, celebrity, cell, cell phone, cello, cement, centaur, centipede, chain, chainsaw, chair, chalk, chameleon, champagne, champion, chandelier, charger, cheek, cheeks, cheerleader, cheese, cheeseburger, cheesecake, cheetah, chef, chemical, cherry, cherry blossom, chess, chest, chest hair, chestnut, chestplate, chew, chicken, chihuahua, child, chime, chimney, chimpanzee, chin, chinchilla, chocolate, chopsticks, church, cicada cigarette, cinema, circle, circus, clap, clarinet, classroom, claw, clay, clean, clickbait, cliff, climb, cloak, clock, cloth, clothes hanger, cloud, clover, clown, clownfish, coach, coal, coast, coast guard, coaster, coat, cobra, cockroach, cocktail, coconut, cocoon, coffee, coffee shop, coffin, coin, cola, cold, collapse, collar, color-blind, comb, comedian, comedy, comet, comfortable, comic book, commander, commercial, communism, community, compass, complete, computer, concert, condiment, cone, confused, console, continent, controller, conversation, cookie, cookie jar, copper, copy, coral, coral reef, cord, cork, corkscrew, corn, corn dog, corner, cornfield, corpse, cotton, cotton candy, country, cousin, cow, cowbell, cowboy, coyote, crab, crack, crate, crawl space, crayon, cream, credit, credit card, cricket, cringe, crocodile, croissant, crossbow, crow, crowbar, crucible, cruise, crust, crystal, cube, cuckoo, cucumber, cup, cupboard, cupcake, curry, curtain, cushion, customer, cut, cute, cyborg, cylinder, cymbal, dagger, daisy, dalmatian, dance, dandelion, dandruff, darts, dashboard, daughter, day, dead, deaf, deep, deer, defense, delivery, demon, demonstration, dent, dentist, deodorant, depressed, derp, desert, desk, desperate, dessert, detective, detonate, dew, diagonal, diagram, diamond, diaper, dice, dictionary, die, diet, dig, dinner, dinosaur, diploma, dirty, disaster, disease, dishrag, dispenser, display, diss track, distance, diva, divorce, dizzy, dock, doctor, dog, doghouse, doll, dollar, dollhouse, dolphin, dome, dominoes, donkey, door, doorknob, dots, double, dough, download, dragon, dragonfly, drain, drama, drawer, dream, dress, drink, drip, drive, driver, drool, droplet, drought, drum, drum kit, duck, duct tape, duel, dwarf, dynamite, eagle, ear, earbuds, earthquake, earwax, east, eat, echo, eclipse, eel, egg, eggplant, elbow, elder, election, electric car, electric guitar, electrician, electricity, elephant, elevator, embers, emerald, emoji, employer, emu, end, engine, engineer, equator, eraser, error, eskimo, espresso, evaporate, evening, evolution, exam, excavator, exercise, explosion, eye, eyebrow, eyelash, eye shadow, fabric, fabulous, facade, face, face paint, factory, failure, fairy, fake teeth, fall, family, farm, farmer, fashion designer, fast, fast food, fast forward, father, faucet, feather, fence, fencing, fern, festival, fidget spinner, field, figurine, filmmaker, filter, finger, fingernail, fingertip, fire alarm, fire hydrant, fire truck, fireball, firecracker, firefighter, firefly, firehouse, fireman, fireplace, fireproof, fireside, firework, fish, fish bowl, fisherman, fist fight, fitness trainer, fizz, flag, flagpole, flamethrower, flamingo, flashlight, flask, flea, flight attendant, flock, floodlight, floppy disk, florist, flower, flu, fluid, flush, flute, fly, fly swatter, flying pig, fog, foil, folder, food, forehead, forest, forest fire, fork, fort, fortress, fortune, fossil, fountain, fox, frame, freckles, freezer, fridge, fries, frog, frostbite, frosting, frown, fruit, full, full moon, funeral, funny, fur, furniture, galaxy, gang, gangster, garage, garbage, garden, gardener, garlic, gas, gas mask, gasoline, gasp, gate, gem, gender, generator, genie, gentle, gentleman, geography, germ, geyser, ghost, giant, gift, giraffe, girl, gladiator, glass, glasses, glitter, globe, gloss, glove, glow, glowstick, glue, glue stick, gnome, goal, goat, goatee, goblin, godfather, gold, gold chain, golden apple, golden egg, goldfish, golf, golf cart, good, goose, gorilla, graduation, graffiti, grandmother, grapefruit, grapes, graph, grass, grasshopper, grave, gravedigger, gravel, graveyard, gravity, greed, grenade, grid, grill, grin, groom, grumpy, guillotine, guinea pig, guitar, gumball, gummy, gummy bear, gummy worm, hacker, hair, hair roller, hairbrush, haircut, hairspray, hairy, half, halo, ham, hamburger, hammer, hammock, hamster, hand, handicap, handle, handshake, hanger, happy, harbor, hard, hard hat, harmonica, harp, harpoon, hashtag, hat, hazard, hazelnut, head, headache, headband, headboard, heading, headphones, health, heart, heat, hedgehog, heel, heist, helicopter, hell, helmet, hen, hermit, hero, hexagon, hibernate, hieroglyph, high five, high heels, high score, highway, hilarious, hill, hip hop, hippie, hippo, hitchhiker, hive, hobbit, hockey, holiday, homeless, honey, honeycomb, hoof, hook, hop, hopscotch, horizon, horn, horse, horsewhip, hose, hospital, hot, hot chocolate, hot dog, hot sauce, hotel, hourglass, house, hovercraft, hug, hummingbird, hunger, hunter, hurdle, hurt, husband, hut, hyena, hypnotize, iPad, iPhone, ice, ice cream, ice cream truck, iceberg, icicle, idea, imagination, impact, incognito, industry, infinite, injection, insect, inside, insomnia, internet, intersection, interview, invasion, invention, invisible, iron, island, ivy, jacket, jackhammer, jaguar, jail, jalapeno, janitor, jaw, jazz, jeans, jeep, jello, jelly, jellyfish, jester, jet ski, joker, journalist, journey, judge, juggle, juice, jump rope, jungle, junk food, kangaroo, karaoke, karate, katana, kazoo, kebab, keg, kendama, ketchup, kettle, key, keyboard, kidney, kindergarten, king, kiss, kitchen, kite, kitten, kiwi, knee, kneel, knife, knight, knot, knuckle, koala, kraken, label, laboratory, ladder, lady, ladybug, lake, lamb, lamp, landlord, landscape, lane, language, lantern, lap, laptop, laser, lasso, laundry, lava, lava lamp, lawn mower, lawyer, leader, leaf, leak, leash, leather, leave, leech, legs, lemon, lemonade, lemur, lens, leprechaun, lettuce, levitate, librarian, library, licorice, lid, light bulb, lighter, lighthouse, lightning, lightsaber, lily, lilypad, limbo, lime, limousine, line, link, lion, lips, lipstick, litter box, lizard, llama, loading, loaf, lobster, lock, log, logo, lollipop, loot, loser, lotion, lottery, lounge, love, low, luck, luggage, lumberjack, lung, lynx, lyrics, macaroni, machine, macho, mafia, magazine, magic, magic trick, magic wand, magician, magma, magnet, magnifier, maid, mailbox, mailman, makeup, mall, mammoth, manatee, manhole, manicure, mannequin, mansion, mantis, map, maracas, marathon, marble, margarine, marigold, market, marmalade, marmot, marshmallow, mascot, mask, massage, match, matchbox, mattress, mayonnaise, mayor, maze, meal, meat, meatball, meatloaf, mechanic, meerkat, megaphone, melon, melt, meme, mermaid, message, messy, metal, meteorite, microphone, microscope, microwave, midnight, military, milk, milkman, milkshake, mime, miner, minigolf, minivan, mint, minute, mirror, missile, model, mohawk, mold, mole, money, monk, monkey, monster, moon, moose, mop, morning, mosquito, moss, moth, mothball, mother, motherboard, motorbike, motorcycle, mountain, mouse, mousetrap, mouth, movie, mud, muffin, mug, murderer, muscle, museum, mushroom, musket, mustache, mustard, nachos, nail, nail file, nail polish, napkin, narwhal, nature, navy, neck, needle, neighbor, neighborhood, nerd, nest, network, newspaper, nickel, night, nightclub, nightmare, ninja, noob, noodle, north, nose, nose hair, nose ring, nosebleed, nostrils, notebook, notepad, nothing, notification, novel, nugget, nuke, nun, nurse, nut, nutcracker, nutmeg, nutshell, oar, observatory, ocean, octagon, octopus, office, oil, old, omelet, onion, open, opera, orange, orangutan, orbit, orca, orchestra, orchid, organ, origami, ostrich, otter, outside, oval, overweight, owl, oxygen, oyster, paddle, page, pain, paint, paintball, pajamas, palace, palette, palm, palm tree, pan, pancake, panda, panpipes, panther, pants, papaya, paper, paper bag, parachute, parade, parakeet, parents, park, parking, parrot, party, password, pasta, pastry, path, patient, patio, patriot, pause, pavement, paw, peace, peach, peacock, peanut, pear, peas, peasant, pedal, pelican, pencil, pencil case, pencil sharpener, pendulum, penguin, peninsula, penny, pensioner, pepper, pepperoni, perfume, periscope, person, pet food, pet shop, petal, pharmacist, photo frame, photograph, photographer, piano, pickaxe, pickle, picnic, pie, pig, pigeon, piggy bank, pigsty, pike, pill, pillar, pillow, pillow fight, pilot, pimple, pin, pinball, pine, pine cone, pineapple, pink, pinky, pinwheel, pipe, pirate, pirate ship, pistachio, pistol, pitchfork, pizza, plague, planet, plank, plate, platypus, player, playground, plow, plug, plumber, plunger, pocket, pogo stick, point, poison, poisonous, poke, polar bear, policeman, pollution, polo, pond, pony, ponytail, poodle, poop, poor, popcorn, pope, poppy, popular, porch, porcupine, portal, portrait, positive, postcard, poster, pot, pot of gold, potato, potion, pound, powder, prawn, pray, preach, pregnant, present, president, pretzel, price tag, priest, prince, princess, printer, prism, prison, pro, procrastination, professor, programmer, promotion, protest, provoke, prune, pub, pudding, puddle, puffin, puma, pumpkin, punishment, punk, puppet, purity, purse, puzzle, pyramid, quarter, queen, queue, quicksand, quill, quilt, quokka, raccoon, race, racecar, radar, radiation, radio, radish, raft, rail, rain, rainbow, raincoat, raindrop, rainforest, raisin, rake, ram, ramp, rapper, raspberry, rat, ravioli, razor, razorblade, read, reality, reception, receptionist, record, rectangle, recycling, red, red carpet, reeds, referee, reflection, reindeer, relationship, religion, remote, repeat, reptile, rest, restaurant, retail, revolver, rewind, rhinoceros, rib, ribbon, rice, ring, ringtone, risk, river, roadblock, robber, robin, robot, rock, rocket, rockstar, roll, roof, room, rooster, root, rose, royal, rubber, ruby, rug, ruler, run, rune, sad, saddle, safari, safe, sailboat, salad, sale, saliva, salmon, salt, saltwater, sand, sand castle, sandbox, sandstorm, sandwich, satellite, sauce, sauna, sausage, saxophone, scar, scarecrow, scarf, scary, scent, school, science, scientist, scissors, scoop, score, scream, screen, screw, scribble, scuba, sculpture, scythe, sea, sea lion, seafood, seagull, seahorse, seal, search, seashell, seasick, season, seat belt, seaweed, second, security, seed, seesaw, semicircle, sensei, server, sew, sewing machine, shadow, shake, shallow, shampoo, shape, shark, shaving cream, sheep, shelf, shell, shipwreck, shirt, shock, shoe, shoebox, shoelace, shop, shopping, shopping cart, short, shotgun, shoulder, shout, shovel, shower, shrew, shrub, shy, sick, signature, silence, silo, silver, silverware, sing, sink, sit, six pack, skateboard, skateboarder, skates, skeleton, ski, ski jump, skin, skinny,, skull, skunk, sky, skydiving, skyline, skyscraper, slam, sledge, sledgehammer, sleep, sleeve, slide, slime, slingshot, slippery, slope, sloth, slow, slump, smell, smile, smoke, snail, snake, sneeze, sniper, snow, snowball, snowball fight, snowboard, snowflake, snowman, soap, soccer, social media, socket, socks, soda, soil, soldier, sombrero, son, sound, soup, south, space, space suit, spaceship, spade, spaghetti, spark, sparkles, spatula, speaker, spear, spelunker, sphinx, spider, spin, spinach, spine, spiral, spit, spoiler, sponge, spool, spoon, spore, sports, spray paint, spring, sprinkler, spy, square, squid, squirrel, stab, stadium, stage, stamp, stand, stapler, star, starfish, starfruit, statue, steam, step, stereo, sting, stingray, stomach, stone, stoned, stop sign, stork, storm, stove, straw, strawberry, streamer, street, stress, strong, student, studio, study, stylus, submarine, subway, sugar, suitcase, summer, sun, sunburn, sunflower, sunglasses, sunrise, sunshade, supermarket, superpower, surface, surfboard, surgeon, survivor, sushi, swag, swamp, swan, swarm, sweat, sweater, swimming pool, swimsuit, swing, switch, sword, swordfish, symphony, table, table tennis, tablecloth, tablet, tabletop, taco, tadpole, tail, tailor, take off, talent show, tampon, tangerine, tank, tape, tarantula, target, taser, tattoo, taxi, taxi driver, tea, teacher, teapot, tear, teaspoon, teddy bear, telephone, telescope, television, temperature, tennis, tennis racket, tent, tentacle, text, thermometer, thief, thin, think, thirst, throat, throne, thug, thumb, thunder, thunderstorm, ticket, tickle, tie, tiger, time machine, timpani, tiny, tip, tiramisu, tire, tired, tissue, tissue box, toad, toast, toaster, toe, toenail, toilet, tomato, tomb, tombstone, tongue, toolbox, tooth, toothbrush, toothpaste, toothpick, top hat, torch, tornado, torpedo, tortoise, totem, toucan, touch, tourist, tow truck, towel, tower, toy, tractor, traffic, traffic light, trailer, train, translate, trap, trapdoor, trash can, traveler, treadmill, treasure, tree, treehouse, trend, triangle, trick shot, tricycle, trigger, triplets, tripod, trombone, trophy, tropical, truck, truck driver, trumpet, tuba, tug, tumor, tuna, tunnel, turd, turkey, turnip, turtle, tuxedo, twig, type, udder, ukulele, umbrella, uncle, underground, underweight, undo, unibrow, unicorn, unicycle, uniform, universe, upgrade, vacation, vaccine, vacuum, valley, vampire, vanilla, vanish, vault, vegetable, vegetarian, vein, vent, vertical, veterinarian, victim, victory, video, video game, village, villain, vine, vinegar, viola, violence, violin, virtual reality, virus, vise, vision, vitamin, vlogger, vodka, volcano, volleyball, volume, vomit, voodoo, vortex, vote, vulture, vuvuzela, waffle, waist, waiter, wake up, walk, wall, wallpaper, walnut, walrus, warehouse, warm, wart, wasp, watch, water, water cycle, water gun, waterfall, wave, wax, weak, wealth, weapon, weasel, weather, web, website, wedding, welder, well, werewolf, west, western, whale, wheel, wheelbarrow, whisk, whisper, whistle, white, wife, wig, wiggle, willow, wind, windmill, window, windshield, wine, wine glass, wing, wingnut, winner, winter, wire, wireless, witch, witness, wizard, wolf, wonderland, woodpecker, wool, work, workplace, world, worm, wound, wrapping, wreath, wrench, wrestler, wrestling, wrinkle, wrist, writer, x-ray, xylophone, yacht, yardstick, yawn, yearbook, yellow, yeti, yo-yo, yogurt, yolk, young, youtuber, zebra, zeppelin, zigzag, zipline, zipper, zombie, zoo, zoom,
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PSA: something has value because you use it.

‪By using currency you are engaging with reality. Profit = revenue - costs.
Sitting on your ass and hodling 100% of your crypto is a dumbass move because u r just waiting for a magical deux ex machina.
Bitcoin in 2013 was all about engagement. Alpaca socks, merchants, all that cool stuff.
Not lazy ass sitting waiting for institutional screaming bakkt bakkt till your lungs got tired.‬
I think it’s ok to hodl 99% of ur crypto; but please use the 1%. Engage with reality whether on Bitcoin Cash or Dogecoin.
Let’s not wait for the revolution but stir it up within our own hearts.
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Gavin Andersen on why many early bitcoiners aren´t rich, and how the community paved the way for adoption

Interesting article from Gavin, on why many early adopters aren´t filthy rich. I find the small paragraph about HODLing vs bootstrapping specially telling about the current state of BTC vs BCH.
Not as rich as you think…
People assume that the people who worked on Bitcoin in the early years are fabulously wealthy.
That’s a bad assumption, for lots of reasons:
It was easy to lose coins. They weren’t worth much, so people didn’t bother to take the time to keep them secure and back them up.
Many of the early developers didn’t have extra money to buy coins; they were still in school, or were pouring all of their money into a startup. Venture capitalists were NOT throwing money at Bitcoin startups back in 2010 and 2011.
“HODL” wasn’t a thing– instead, bootstrapping the community by purchasing things (like 50BTC alpaca socks or 10,000BTC pizzas) or giving away Bitcoin was encouraged.
Even if an early developer had the free cash and foresight to purchase a bunch of coins, they might be level-headed and follow tried and true investment advice to:
1) Make a long-term plan and stick to it, ignoring short-term market drama 2) Diversify; mix high-risk and low-risk investments, and re-balance if any one investment dominates your portfolio.
Imagine a rational, disciplined person who had $100,000 in investments before they heard about Bitcoin. On January 1, 2011 they decided to take a risk and spend five thousand dollars to buy 10,000 BTC. Their long-term plan: evaluate their holdings once a year, and rebalance at the beginning of the year if their BTC holdings were more than 10% of their total investments.
I created a spreadsheet showing what happens. They would do extremely well, ending up with over $5million– a 1,000x return on their initial investment! But they would sell almost all of their BTC along the way, ending up holding fewer than 40 BTC.
Which is nothing to sneeze at; 40 BTC is worth a few hundred thousand dollars, and 5 million dollars in safe, liquid investments is enough to fund a very comfortable retirement.
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Stop the FUD: Bitcoin is BOTH a Store of Value and a censorship resistant System of Payments

This arguing back and forth between prominent Bitcoiners of whether Bitcoin is a System of Payments or a Store of Value is a False Dichotomy.
For example.
Here is Tone Vays saying Amazon shouldn't add Bitcoin because the "people at Amazon are also smart enough to know that Bitcoin is not ready for this technology till lightning."
Tone Vays is just speaking pure BS here. Bitcoin can be, and has been used as a system of payments since the Silk Road and the selling of Alpaca socks. Had it not been for the dark net markets and retailers such as Overstock accepting Bitcoin, it's doubtful Bitcoin would have the value it has today.
Bitcoin is worth sending as value because people accept it as payment for many things. And many people accept it as payment because it has value that is independent of the monetary policies that control FIAT money.
It really is silly to see so many Bitcoin developers, users, and other argue about this night and day. Bitcoin is BOTH. These two properties are complimentary. They contribute to the other.
And for those that say Bitcoin cannot be used for coffee right now, that's BS too. I use my Bitcoin debit card every other day for small purchases.
If you want to HODL, that's your choice. But don't denounce people spending their Bitcoins. That's what helps give your HODLING value.
So please, let's stop the FUD on both sides. Bitcoin is both payments and a store of value.
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AMA. Just got wiped of $120,000 , 20BTC

Old time miner here. I did retard. I went full retard good.
Put the bitcoin in a account during the fork.
That account as it turns out had a cross site scripting attack that let someone get access to it. From there it was all bad news. One month after I put the coin there, it was emptied out! I was going to move them back today and saw the accounts were empty. Savings for me /parents are gone. (I've got a pretty poor family. This was like 12 years of savings equivilent).
I bought alpaca socks for 5 or something like that bitcoin back in the day.
I gambled away and won this 20 bitcoin which I forgot about which is why I had it.
I was using an electrum wallet with a memorized password but it was also a reused password since I was lazy due to working far too much and being sleep deprived when I backed this up on my cloud storage.
Key point, don't trust cloud storage. apparently is not as secure as I thought it was in that regard. Completely my fault. IF you're going to do cloud storage, encrypt with a password from keepass, not one you normally know.
Not much I can do but continue working and go on with my life. TL;DR: early miner, lost all the rest of my BTC savings because I'm not smart.
SPEZ: Might not have been the cross site scripting vulnerability. This might be part of it also.
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Why I believe we're on the cusp of the 3rd great Bitcoin bubble

We've recovered from the last crash
You might think it's a bit early (based on the time frame for the last recovery), but things are looking a lot different than in 2011. I would suggest its because the last bubble popped prematurely due to Mt. Gox's failure of a trading engine.
Interest in buying Bitcoins has gone up to its highest point since the last bubble.
There's a similar spike in general interest. Partly helped along by the Silk Road news.
The network is being used at the same rate as during the last bubble.
The Bitcoin ATM story (see below) is causing Bitcoin to trend in Canada on Google (was #1 for a bit). The $27 story (see below) will almost certainly cause a large spike worldwide in Google trends once they're updated up to yesterday.
Lots and lots of new businesses now accept Bitcoins
One legitimate criticism of Bitcoin last year was the lack of places to spend them. We basically just had Alpaca Socks, Reddit and Wordpress, we've grown a lot since then!
Charities and others are taking donations
The first Bitcoin I ever spent was to donate to Wikileaks. More and more places are setting up Bitcoin donation buttons, because why not?
The $27 story is going massively viral
I think the attention this story is getting took a lot of us by surprise. We're thinking "of course if you bought Bitcoins in 2009 you're rich" and it didn't make much of a splash. But to the rest of the world it's a very novel and interesting story.
The first Bitcoin ATM has been installed
Easier way for people acquire Bitcoins with cash. Lots of free publicity. More machines are on their way and will generate more and more news.
Institutional money is coming
Afraid with the price at $200 that it will be hard to find enough moms and pops to keep money coming in faster than miners are selling? Don't be, there are individuals out there with a net worth higher than the entire Bitcoin ecosystem.
Interesting new developments
Cool things that didn't exist before the last bubble (as far as I remember).
Governments are explicitly saying it's not illegal
More and more governments are either saying Bitcoins are legitimate currency, or releasing guidelines for exchanges to comply with anti-money-laundering laws.
New generation of exchanges
Mt. Gox's terrible trading engine was a huge factor in the last crash. They couldn't keep up with all the new interest.
This time around there are more exchanges in more countries, and not a single point of liquidity.
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It's bits

"Ok, I'll send you some bitcoin. How much was it?" "17 milli-bits" "Ok sent." "Hold up, you only sent me 17 micro-bits." "Did i? Hang on, i thought micro bits was the m?" "No the m is for milli-B-T-C, micro is mu-B-T-C." "mu?" "That little greek letter that looks like a u. u-B-T-C." "I don't have the letter mu on this phone." "Just use a u." "So i need to send you 17 milli-bitcoins?" "Well you've sent me 17 microbitcoins, so another 16,983." "So i need to send you 16,983 micro-" "Milli-, millii-bitcoins" "Yes, right. m is for milli not micro." "Right. It's easy, its just like in science class..." "I haven't been in a science class for 25 years....milli-bitcoin..." "1 thousanth of a bitcoin" "so..." "zero dot zero zero zero one bitcoins"
While SI units are great for people well versed in them, there is a very good reason people aren't asking for 100 micro dollars in change. The average person is not going to be confident that the prefix they are using is the correct one, people WILL send 1000x more or less than intended if we go down this road, and these mistakes will happen frequently.
Bitcoin needs one sub-unit max.
I am an advocate for the 'bit'. This is why:
The incongruity of using scientific notation with money.
Human psychology is powerful. Of the 6 or 7 people i have talked to about bitcoin, everyone of their initial reactions was along the lines of, "Wow, sounds interesting. Hang on, that's really expensive. That's for 1 bitcoin!? I couldn't afford that." Now even after you explain to them, hey you can buy 0.01 bitcoins, they are still in their initial mental frame, and the problem still remains: 0.01 bitcoin, is not a bitcoin.
What people need to understand is that the current solution of using mBTC or micro-bitcoin, does nothing to alleviate this psychologically. "Here's your micro bitcoins" "micro..bitcoins? I want bitcoins."
People are not going to be satisfied with the transaction because they are not getting what they want, they want what they heard about on the news, they want bitcoins.
Using bits DOES alleviate this problem.
Imagine someone completely unfamiliar with bitcoin, hearing about it for the first time. What is their reaction to these two sentences:
"I'm using a digital currency called bitcoins. I just bought 100 bits."
"I'm using a digital currency called bitcoins. I just bought 100 micro-bitcoins"
("Micro-bitcoins? Why didn't you buy some whole bitcoins? Do they suck balls? etc.")
Micro doesn't exactly have positive connotations when talking about an asset. There is congruence when asking to buy bitcoins and receiving bits. It's a natural progression, you start off with bitcoins, and if you chip little bits off of the bitcoins you get 'bits'. But they are one and the same. One is not lesser. It's ok little bitcoin. You are not micro.
We need to lose the sci-prefixes. No one wants your micro anything. People want cents and pennies, not micro dollars. We aren't in a lecture theatre, we're trying to buy class-A drugs, guns and morally questionable porn (i kid, i kid!).
The average person doesn't remember how many decimal places the conversion is to this or that unit, and i don't want a test in long division every time i try to buy some alpaca socks.
Almost as bad is it isn't even practical to use them in speech. They are too many syllables and they are similar sounding. You think people wont confuse microbitcoin and millibitcoin? One thousand five hundred micro-bitcoin is a linguistic nightmare.
Look i know scientific subunits are easy for you, i'm not saying it's Einstein hard, i'm saying it isn't practical for day to day use in a monetary system.
What is practical is a single conversion:
one bitcoin == 1 000 000 bits
That's it. Look at that. One conversion. And the main unit is a simple concatenation of its subunit 'bit' + 'coin'.
The only peice of information you need to know is that there are 1m bits in a bitcoin. Thats it. No letters. No conversions.
1mBTC = 1 000 bits 1uBTC = 1 bit
"But the numbers are too big!"
No they aren't. Humans used Italian Lira. Humans use Japanese Yen. With thousands exchanging hands for small purchases. It's easier for people to intuitively grasp 10,000 than 0.0001.
And if you are really shitting your pants over the zeros you can use K bits. still only 2 syllables, and K for 1000 is a unit that is already used when talking about money. Everyone knows $1k = $1,000 already, no extracurricular activities needed.
look at where it is on the page as a unit of measurement for 1000:
compared with m as a measure for milli- :
Confusingly m is also for 1000 in roman numerals, and even more confusing is that we already use m for million ie $1m.
It's a no brainer.
It's called bitcoin. We spend bits.
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Forget the price - it's happening.

From this time last year to now, the change in this ecosystem has been mental.
Last year people were still debating will this or that country ban BTC, where can I spend it etcetc.
FF to now, the U.S. government has just sold 30,000 Bitcoins to an investor who looks like he is going to do some excellent work with them in the most needed places.
People are buying flights/hotel stays, computers, beers and dinners and alpaca socks (still).
New York is still waiting on the bit license to be set in stone then, POW, the E.T.F.'s and big money enter the scene.
There are still the trolls saying this won't work, crying like little girls.
Look around people, it's already happening.
I can see people paying for Christmas this year solely on BTC.
The future's bright, the futures Bitcoin :-)
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#DogecoinSocksForTheHomeless January notes!

This month, as you probably know we delivered 300 pairs of socks in the rain and even got on the LoveMyNeighborFoundation's sponsor wall! We keep them in socks, we stay on the wall!
My wife's valentine's day present has arrived! I just received my order of Alpaca Socks from our January co-sponsor The Bitcoin Store.
A HUGE Thank You to The Bitcoin Store for being our January co-sponsor of the month! And for accepting Dogecoin! See you later :)
 #ShibesForSocks for FEBRUARY 
Our TripleShibe team of u/1waterhole, u/MrDogeMeister, and myself are ready for action:
  • Our main account for collecting for socks is alive and well. We have enough to pay for February and half of March all by ourselves, if we want to (we're looking for a co-sponsor, however).
  • We are preparing to make the February purchase for 300 socks.
  • it's a giveaway if you use the words 'attention span' or moist.
  • We're looking for our February co-sponsor! Who shall it be??? ooo
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Moving Bitcoin to FIAT.

Throwaway for obvious reasons. Ive been a long time lurker and holder in the bitcoin space. I remember getting Gox'd. Fuck, I even remember Alpaca socks. I remember being straight up laughed at to my face. Being called a fool an idiot and a tool. When mentioning bitcoin to friends, family and work colleagues.
She who laughs longest laughs last I suppose. I still believe in Bitcoin and all it stands for. I still believe in what it has done in creating trustless trust. My situation has changed. Ive reached my moon.
Question is I want to know some easy ways to convert my bitcoin to FIAT. I currently live in Australia and was using Coinjar and a couple of other but could only really move 10k AUD per day which isn't enough. And with those bastard banks recently tightening the whip I don't know where I stand there. I also have a European passport and can reside there legally does that open any other options to me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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For the people of the Ukraine, time is running out. Their banking system is collapsing. Their currency is crashing. People need food, medical aid and supplies. They may be under foreign invasion! The people of the Ukraine need us. They have been cut off from the world. Only Bitcoin can reach them.

This is fantastic. Thank you guys so much. This is what bitcoin is for. After I verify with Elizabeth I will tweet this and Facebook it as well. Thank you for your work and compassion.
Can you get one of you (preferably Elizabeth Ploshay) to tweet something? Also a signed message from one of the key holders and confirmation from Gary Kasparov/Human Rights Foundation? It doesn't have enough credibility until I see something like that. Thanks.
bitcoin in general has been anti-war. How does a post asking us to participate in a civil war make it to the top page?? Another piece of evidence that reddit and social media are controlled by click-farms and like-farms.
This is fucking idiotic. Either 1) you guys will take the Bitcoin, convert it to fiat, then give it to someone (who you have yet to specify), making it completely pointless; or 2) you will give someone Bitcoin which is completely worthless until they find an exchange to convert it into hryvnia, which make be difficult or impossible to do during an armed revolution. But hey, maybe some Ukrainian rebels wouldn't mind a trip on Virgin Galactic to leave their war-torn nation, or they can buy some alpaca socks to keep warm after their homes are destroyed.
What are people in Ukraine going to do with Bitcoin exactly? Your FAQ just says the funds will be disbursed. What are the people going to do after they receive Bitcoin?
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Showerthought: butters seem to be the best kind of customers, from a merchant POV

I was reading some posts to do my daily "I HATE BITSCON!!!!" chores as instructed by Susan at HR dpt when I found this comment made by an enlighted gentleman. Made me think about the fact that it's not the first time I see this kind of behavior among butters. If a product has anything to so with butts, then they want to buy it (double if you can pay with bitcoin!). Clothes, tech gear, food, alpaca socks, candles... as long as it has to do with pedo pesos, they're in. If you are a merchant, slap a "btc" sticker somewhere and you have guaranteed sales.
Do they really need that particular item? Will it be way better than the same item bought at a local store or on a filthy-fiat-only mainstream website? I don't know, but to me it looks like the most important factor is that is related to cheap coinZTM.
My hatred for bitscon (and the numerous FED cocks I had to polish today) may cast a shadow on my objectivity, but it really looks like they are applying the "solution looking for a problem" scheme on their buyings also
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In times like these, recall the wise words of economic "experts" (Paul Krugman, etc.) ...
These are the "experts" that are piloting the Great Experiment. Time to call bullshit.
The core issue, at scale, is trust. Trust in individuals and, more importantly, institutions. Institutions that have shown time and time again that they'll abuse special privilege and position, to enrich themselves. And that personal gain comes, indirectly of course, at the cost of real, measurable human suffering.
Launching ballistic missiles via military drone from an indistinguishab office building in Nevada is not quite like slitting a man's throat in physical combat. When night falls, the "bomber" sleeps in comfort; the soldier remains restless, his mind tortured by his unforgettable, subjective experience of the encounter. Objectively, both outcomes are just as "real". Yet the bomber's conscience is shielded by separation (scale); his ego protected by his ignorance.
Frequently in accord, large institutions can inflict financial suffering with plausible deniability, concealed behind the complexity of a global, inter-connected economy. Financial suffering begets real conscious suffering, reflected in various, measurable ways (unemployment, income inequality, etc.). At scale, such institutions are objectively anti-social and, pragmatically speaking, untrustworthy. Bitcoin address trust at scale. It is social.
It is the citizen's secret weapon, to defend against the tyranny and special privilege of institutions at scale. Institutions that, while legally treated like individuals, lack the capacity to experience real pain and suffering. Institutions that, at scale, distribute "guilt" just enough to appease man's ego.
Bitcoin empowers the individual at the cost of the institution. It leverages technology (cryptography) to "exit" an unfair game. Instead of combating incumbents, Fight Club-style, Bitcoin creates an objectively better game. This game is enforced by universal laws, not brute force.
It is the codification of an egalitarian, free market, where one has never truly existed.
This is Bitcoin... it isn't really just about "digital gold", or "virtual currency". It isn't about optimizing some specific economic variable for "dumb money" use cases. It isn't about purchasing Alpaca socks online. And it almost certainly isn't about credit cards (thanks Paul Krugman).
It's about liberation of the individual, both from the institution and from the "experts" it endorses.
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Why Hard Forking bitcoin is the biggest mistake possible.

The argument to Hard fork bitcoin is extremely misguided.
HF proponents will point to the price of ether and say ‘look, bitcoin can survive too, even in such extreme circumstances." However, with Ethereum, the matter of forking was one of technical problems only.
Ethereum is a nerd’s toy and mostly only nerds who knew the consequences were using ethereum or really cared about it. They haven’t left ethereum because they want it for its’ technical application, of which there really isn’t a good alternative to until Rootstock is ready.
Meanwhile, with Bitcoin, technical concerns of a hard fork are nothing next to the Economic concerns of forking the MONEY of bitcoin. Ether was never a money. Nobody spend millions of man hours building TRUST IN A CURRENCY by talking vendors and businesses into accepting ether for coffee and alpaca socks. It’s a completely different risk to destroy the trust in bitcoin as money than it was for ether as money.
As an example, imagine forking your fiat currency. What would be the economic impact if suddenly, with little warning, there are two USDs or EURs? What if each bill literally split into red and blue versions and the government’s best efforts couldn’t get them to re-combine? Would it have an impact on the price of milk at the grocery store? The savings in your bank account? How many bank accounts would you now have even, and can you access them all?
Nerd toys without people’s life savings at stake can of course survive the split. - Bitcoin’s moved far beyond that stage now and the bottom line is we can’t afford to risk all the Trust built up in the money of bitcoin, throwing away all the advantages we’ve gotten from the network effect and 8 years of growth in it.
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Alpaca Bitcoin Sock Review - Hiking / Survival Socks from Grass Hill Alpacas The Bitcoin Show - Episode 046 - The Alpaca Socks - Yampaca Alpaca Fibers are 100% Natural The Bitcoin Show - YouTube Max Min - Alpaca Socks (Official Music Video)

In March, 2011 the What is Bitcoin? video described Alpaca socks as one of the products Bitcoins could buy. The reference to Alpaca socks has since been mentioned in quite a number of blog posts, news reports and videos occurring in the months since, , , , and . The Bitcoin community has generally identified with the Alpaca and the Alpaca-Bitcoin meme. An example comes in a response on IRC ... Most recently, alpaca socks were featured in the “Bitcoin Kid” interview of Stefan Thomas of Ripple during the May 2013 Bitcoin conference in San Jose, CA. You can view the video here . Alpaca wool is perfect for socks — it’s extremely warm and hypoallergenic to boot. As luck would have it, one of the first businesses to accept bitcoin was Grass Hill Alpacas farm in ... Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. You might be interested in Bitcoin if you like cryptography, distributed peer-to-peer systems, or economics. A large percentage of Bitcoin enthusiasts are libertarians, though people of all ... Alpaca Bitcoin Socks quantity. Add to cart. SKU: N/A Categories: Bitcoin, Clothing, Socks, Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin. Description; Additional information; Reviews (0) Description. These socks are extra comfortable thanks to their cushioned bottom. The foot is black with artwork printed along the leg with crisp, bold colors that won’t fade. • 60% nylon/22% cotton/18% spandex • Crew ...

[index] [43275] [15271] [21591] [26170] [14204] [474] [5894] [23676] [35659] [3475]

Alpaca Bitcoin Sock Review - Hiking / Survival Socks from Grass Hill Alpacas

Ripple interviewed during May 17-19, 2013 Bitcoin conference in San Jose, CA. Learn more about ripple at: Stefan and colleague explain Ripple. He also divulges the mystery of alpaca ... Guest: David Forster Founder of Grass Hill Alpacas - Alpaca Bitcoin Sock Review - Hiking / Survival Socks from Grass Hill Alpacas. The Bitcoin Show - Episode 046 - The Alpaca Socks - by vlogwrap. 47:52. Play next; Play now; The Bitcoin Show - Episode 045 by vlogwrap. 1:00:19. Play next ; Play now; The ... 50+ videos Play all Mix - Max Min - Alpaca Socks (Official Music Video) YouTube All About That Bitcoin - by Naomi van der Velde - Duration: 2:37. naomilvdv Recommended for you