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How gold and oil markets are performing amid global tensions: Analyst Top technical analyst on what the charts may be signaling a bull market correction Walter Zimmerman: a re-cap of my Conversation with Acclaimed Analyst Charles Nenner and Walter Zimmerman: Risk In the Stock Market! TOP Passive Income Business Opportunity with Bitcoin 2017 with Coinomia

Disclosure: I own (increasingly valuable) Bitcoin that remain from my week of living on them.. Walter Zimmermann, chief technical analyst for United- ICAP, says that the tell-tale signs of a ... Several insurers are likely to suffer as municipal bond losses mount. As long as it holds above $13,000, bitcoin has a chance of spiking to $45,000 later next year, technical analyst Walter Zimmermann says. 研究機構United-ICAP技術分析師Walter Zimmermann認為,Bitcoin近期的走勢屬於典型的泡沫現象,估計在熾熱炒風下,本周會炒上1,700美元,但最終料難逃泡沫爆破命運。Euro Pacific Capital主事人Peter Schiff甚至認為,Bitcoin現象是17世紀荷蘭鬱金香泡沫狂潮的翻版。鬱金香狂熱1637年發生在荷蘭,是世界上最早的 ... This may change by the time I've finished writing this sentence, but bitcoin ended at $16k yesterday, following wild swings that hit highs of $20k within 90 minutes on Coinbase Inc's GDAX exchange. Whether you believe bitcoin is a bubble waiting to burst, or an asset class about to go mainstream, yesterday was all about the cryptocurrency. It's now up 600% in December.

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How gold and oil markets are performing amid global tensions: Analyst

Michael Douville Interviews with Walter Zimmermann of ICAP Technical Analysis. Bitcoin due to massive strategy to dominate the price as Gold and in order to fight against U.S sanctions will fail !! capitulation is expected between January and March 2020 !! Until the end of ... Walter Zimmerman, chief technical analyst at United-ICAP, offers insight to the performance of the gold and oil markets amid global tensions. There are lots of reasons to bet against the gold ... Jul.31 -- On this edition of "Smart Charts," Walter Zimmerman of ICAP Technical Analysis examines the S&P 500 and the British pound with Bloomberg's Abigail ... Description; Walter Zimmerman of United-ICAP spoke with me 10.5.15. Some highlights include: the burst commodity bubble probably will not bottom until late 2016 or early 2017. Interest rates are ...